Grow your sales in the GCC, USA, Europe, & China

Unleash the power of e-commerce to transform your FMCG, sweets, fashion, beauty or any other business.

We'll get your business's growth achieved steadily by taking your products to new markets, and by increasing your sales in existing ones. 

Our mission at intouch is to make sure your e-commerce strategy is set in place to maximize your sales on different channels, allocate budgets and inventories based on Sales Performance and the Cost of Acquisition. 

  • Identify Goals and KPIs as the foundation blocks for your business strategy.

    For ecommerce, this means strategizing Sales, Marketing, the online Shop, the mobile experience, the Official Social Channels and Media!

    Our team is ready to Design & Automate the Perfect User Journey to your Customers and help you monitor Touchpoints with Consumers. 

    By automating user flow and journey, mapping your strategies, and performing audience segmentation and targeting, you can achieve more efficient and effective results.

    We will monitor all Touchpoints and manage your Customer Data. We’ll make sure your customers are constantly in touch with your brand, on time, consistently!

    Maximizing the growth potential of your ecommerce business can be achieved through Market and Competitor research, and measuring your business against industry standards.

  • Planning to sell in USA, Europe, China, India or the GCC?

    We help you navigate the requirements of these regions, as well as handle everything from setting up your store to shipping, while ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

    Whether you plan to sell through a 3rd Party Platform like Amazon, or through your Owned Shop, intouch will consult and guide you through the whole seutp phase, in preparation to growing your business with us. 

    A well-designed and efficient website or app provides amore seamless shopping experience for your customers.

    intouch will guide you all the way through your Shop's setup, with it's associated Payment Gateway, Shipment Gateway, Sales Bots, Analytics setup and any other 3rd party tools required for the success of your operations. 

    Transitioning from an older technology? No worries! We've got you handleed with a smooth Shift to a greater User Experience.

  • intouch will Manage your sales through the established storefronts!

    Increase Visibility, Lower Costs, Increase Sales and Improve Customer experience with our outstanding Sales Management team. 

  • Build brand awareness and generate leads with Social Media Management that is tailored to ecommerce purposes and online catalogs.

    Increase engagement and drive traffic to your platform or website through Engaging and Relevant Content for your ecommerce business produced by our 

    Run Effective Awareness Campaigns and increase Brand Equity, Awareness and Engagement

  • Whether through Social Ads, Search Ads, or Platform Ads, Advertising for Sales is a specialty of our Conversion-Hungry team! 

    Let intouch guide you on Partnering with Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers who believe in your product and can deliver your message effectively to the relevant target audience


    Improve and increase the visibility of your ecommerce business on Google, Baidu and other recognized search engines!

  • intouch's Report is a major milestone!

    Sales, Social, Search, Paid Ads and Operations Report is unified to act as one Engine, laid out easily in front of your team.

    intouch's Report is one of a kind when it comes to Sales Increase, Customer Experience enhancment, and Brand Equity elevation! 

  • Our Brand Listening team is ready to report Success and Failure touchpoints of your Brand and Products across the web.

    Customer feedback provides valuable insights and identifies areas of improvement for your business. Compiling and analyzing conversations and insights around your brand and the industry you operate in will help in improving your brand's reputation and developing more efficient strategies.

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